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We publish works in several genres across 50+ countries in paperback, hardcover, and digital formats

Welcome to wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING. We are an international publishing company, focusing on publishing great works in paperback, hardcover, and digital formats on various tablets, phones, and e-readers. We print and distribute in all English-speaking languages and sell through major retailers.

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The story behind wrotelio™ | publishing

It all started with a dream to publishing a book...

wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING wasn’t officially created until 2022, but the idea behind the publishing company launched in 2012. Back then, founder Malene Jorgensen was gearing up to publish her first book.

At the time, she created a publishing company called One Door Press. She continued to grow that publishing company for years and after 10 years, she decided to merge that company into a new business.

In 2021, Jorgensen started planning out the pillars of wrotelio™.  She knew that One Door Press would be merged into the business as a separate entity – ultimately becoming wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING.

The business also consists of wrotelio™ | PRODUCTIONS for podcast series, wrotelio™ | PARTNERS for working relationships, and wrotelio™ | ACADEMY for digital products and courses.

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Our Mission

We want to celebrate the creative mind, great ideas, and authors who are brave enough to share their minds and ideas with the world in written or audio formats.




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core values

We believe in creativity, honesty, motivation, and support. We believe and support the authors who are brave enough to share their thoughts and feelings in books. We are their biggest supporters and inspirations.

The first book published

The first book published under the branch that would ultimately become wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING was “How to Start an Internet Business” by Malene Jorgensen. It was published in 2012, the early days of the business.

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When the founder set out to sketch the ideas and the foundation of wrotelio™, she immediately knew that the business would have five pillars. She didn’t wait to grow them – she just did it.

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Our business values

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou

Malene Jorgensen

Behind the wrotelio scenes

A Business Created From A Writing Passion

Malene Jorgensen created this business from a single passion – to write and publish a book. wrotelio™ has been a business idea for years before it finally took shape in five separate pillars.

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Explore our books and our publications at your favorite book stores. We have something for everyone.


Educate yourself on the writing and publishing process, including marketing and sales using wrotelio™ | ACADEMY.


Experience what great scripted content can do in the world of podcasting with wrotelio™ | PRODUCTIONS.