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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions! Get your answers here about our publishing process, authors, company, and of course, books! And so much more!

We publish different genres. We started out with business books, but moved into fiction books. We have recently started publishing in children’s literature.

We select authors based on the books they want to write and their long-term plans for their writing careers. Plus, we don’t pick books or genres that compete with authors we have in our portfolio.

We publish a good handful of books a year. We do not focus on the amount of books, but more on the marketing to sell more books.

At this time, we are not accepting new manuscripts or pitches for books.

We are currently not accepting applications because we currently represent 7 different authors and genres. Right now, publishing those books keeps us busy – and happy!

We respect the authors we represent and we are currently not adding to our roster of authors, especially if we already have someone signed for that area/genre.

We are currently publishing in online business, cookbooks, romance, thriller/mystery, children’s poetry, meditation and relaxation poetry, and YA short stories.

Our distributor list is always growing and changing. We currently work with Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Kobo, Scribd, Overdrive, Browns Books, Baker & Taylor, Blio, Walmart, and many more.

Throughout the pandemic (and even before the pandemic), authors had to pay for shelf-space. The good thing about online shopping is that it is much cheaper and more efficient for everyone involved. Plus, this allows us to support small businesses.

You can find all of our social media links in the header of this website.

We look for a fun and exciting story idea, a motivating or educational twist to the book, and the book must be of value to the target audience.

We always love working with authors who are motivated and excited – and ready to do the work.

A good novel has relatable elements, but also elements of surprise, twists, and turns. Ideally, it’s a page-turner we can’t put down.

You understand both the readers’ needs and the business side of publishing.

A website with book information, links to shop, and pages about you – the author.

We do not offer direct marketing help to authors. However, we do have products and courses available under wrotelio™ | ACADEMY.

We teach writing, creating, and marketing for authors in the form of courses, products and digital learning.

At this time, we do not offer author consulting or coaching.

We cannot help every author that comes our way, so we’ve created wrotelio™ | ACADEMY to help authors with their marketing.

wrotelio™ is a pillar-based company; this publishing branch, our podcast production branch, our partnership branch, and our academy brand. We hope to continue to grow these branches!

At present time, we sell through major retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple, etc.

At this time, we are not hiring. When we do hire, we hire for the entire wrotelio™ portfolio, not for the publishing branch alone.

No, wrotelio™ is much more than publishing. Publishing is just one branch of our business. We also have a production branch that produces podcast series, and an academy branch that teaches writing, creating, and publishing.

wrotelio™ is a rather new brand, launching in 2022. But before wrotelio™ was wrotelio™, it was known as One Door Press, which was created back in 2012.

Our wrotelio™ offices are located just south of Toronto, Ontario.

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